Passion and dedication

The Hostaria di Bricai previously, since 1864 was the Locanda delle Alpi and has always welcomed travellers, holidaymakers and residents to its dining rooms in the charming village of Rassa, a little gem set in the little “Valle dei Tremendi” in Valsesia, where chamois and deer play and intrepid climbers, passionate lovers of the snows and ski-ing can enjoy their chosen sports.

Giorgio arrived in Rassa with his family in 2010; although in actual fact he was returning there! In fact his roots are to be found here … his great grandfather Ermenegildo, a pure blooded native, worked in this small community as a cooper, a maker of barrels. In order to develop his artisan business, in the 1800’s he moved down to the plain, on the outskirts of the city of Milan, to Chiaravalle Milanese, a pretty little village in the country with an impressive Cistercian abbey. But his links with his homeland and Rassa remained firm and solid. Nor did the future generations, Giovanni, Gianfranco and Giorgio, forget their origins and were assiduous in their visits to the village, participating whenever and wherever possible in the life of the village!

All this until 2010, when there was a great change in the course of events: Giorgio, with Chiara and little Giulia, decided to make their dream come true and return to Rassa for good! Running a little restaurant in their beloved Valsesia. They decided to abandon the big city and take over the Hostaria where they could take care of selecting the finest products of the land, the seasons and their flavours and warmly welcome their guests.

Features which today are the distinguishing marks of the Hostaria di Bricai, with its cozy setting, a welcoming atmosphere further warmed by wood stoves, and in summer a cool, shady terrace for dining.

The cuisines is marked by the passing of the seasons with new, fresh dishes and innovative combinations meant to surprise the palate and delight the senses. Bricai History Rassa