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Rassa alta Valsesia
Rassa alta Valsesia

Rassa High Valsesia 


Rassa is one of the most charming of all the villages in Valsesia, in a little lateral valley called la “Valle dei Tremendi”, between Piode and Campertogno. An oasis of calm and tranquillity with peaceful mountain views, Rassa is a village set in 40 square kilometers of pine forest, alpine pastures, rocky peaks and the picturesque little village itself on the banks of the Sorba. Two valleys run through it, the Val Gronda and the Val Sorba.

Rassa is truly an authentic experience for all visitors to Valsesia who wish to know and appreciate local culture. The charming village, traditionally the home of skilled craftsmen, is a group of little houses and chalets built in grey stone with wooden beams and “beole”, the typical flat stones which take the place of tiles on the roofs in this area.

In summer, houses and windows are decorated with red geraniums, colourful begonias and lobelia of a strong sapphire blue setting the five cantons of Rassa, Tangin, Spinfoj, Pavarai, San Giuan and Sant’Antonio ablaze with vivid colour and perfectly offsetting the dark grey stone of the pretty bridges and narrow cobbled streets. Rassa definitely is, and indeed always has been, for people seeking the authenticity of Valsesia, offering wonderful strolls and longer hikes at high altitude, conviviality and relaxation all year round.

The little hamlets of the Val Gronda, so well looked after and cheerful are just not to be missed, especially during local feasts and events which usually take place in the summer season, the most important being on 15th August, the Blueberry Feast, now in its 47th year. Then the 45 different types of grappa presented and sold in the Pro Loco, next door to the Hostaria are famous all over the valley!

Rassa’s eco-museum is a wonderful foray into the past of this picturesque little place: a sawmill completely restored and fully functioning. It is called the “Resga di Brasei” and is on the right bank of the Sorba. It worked full time up until the 1980’s but is now a museum testifying to the fine work carried out there over the ages . It has an imposing hydraulic wheel with pulleys and gears and a room where the process of woodwork is illustrated and carried out as well as a fine meeting room. Rassa high Valsesia

Rassa high Valsesia


Rassa in Valsesia

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