High Valsesia Piedmont


Where eagles fly, the waters run pure and people still have time to observe the cloud…



High Valsesia Piedmont
High Valsesia Piedmont

High Valsesia Piedmont is a jewel set among the majestic peaks of the Alps, where Monte Rosa is second only to France’s grandiose Mont Blanc.

A historical symbol of the valley is a certain Bangher, a bandit whose origins were near Trento, known for having occupied various Alpine pastures in the Valsesia as an exile. In the long history of the valley we find not just bandits but also heroes, refugees, partisans, people who, in order to guarantee their survival, adapted to the tough living conditions the valleys impose, then fell in love with their green valleys and Alpine pastures and settled there permanently

Here is a short list of some of the beautiful places to be seen in the lateral valleys, such as Fobello, an ancient and elegant village which was also birthplace to Vincenzo Lancia, founder of the factory manufacturing cars of the same name and Cervatto, one of Italy’s smallest municipal areas with no more than 49 inhabitants. Rassa, in the Valle dei Tremendi, is one of the most charming in the Valsesia, much like Rima San Giuseppe in the Val Sermenza and Carcoforo in the Val d’Egua, all ideal destinations for communing with mountain beauty and for hiking in the lush countryside at high altitude.

In the summer, aspiring climbers and hikers can reach the highest peak in Italy with the help of qualified guides. High on Monte Rosa they will find the highest hotel-refuge in Europe, the well-known Capanna Margherita, named after a well-known queen of Italy who once stayed there. High Valsesia Piedmont

Before reaching the high altitude resorts and villages, it is worth visiting the elegant town of Varallo with its ancient “contradas” and patrician villas along the so called Allea, the tree-lined street in the heart of the town. Varallo is also home to an extraordinary masterpiece of Renaissance times, the Sacro Monte, known around the world as the New Jerusalem, considered the most important reproduction of Jesus’ birthplace and since 2003 a UNESCO world heritage site, together with the other 8 sites around Piedmont and Lombardy with similar themes. The cable car that in a few minutes reaches the Sacro Monte from varallo is the steepest in Europe. Not to be missed is also the Varallo Piacoteca, the second most important art museum in Piedmont.

A curiosity: between Varallo and Borgosesia a fossile supervolcano has been found that was active between 250 and 300 million years ago, whose crater measures over 20 km. High Valsesia Piedmont

In the rivers and streams of the Valsesia a special kind of grayling is still to be found, called the blue finned grayling (Thymallus thymallus) which once was present in all the tributaries of the Po River.

Valsesia is today an important destination for lovers of nature and fly fishing, as well as skiers, lovers of extreme sport, mountain-bike riders, climbers and hikers, lovers of rafting. High Valsesia Piedmont.