“Cooking has always been my passion, thanks to my origins and family experiences where good cooking was top of the list of priorities. The women who brought me up were all in their own ways treasure troves of knowledge, tastes and fragrances which are still the guide and inspiration for my own cooking. My grandmothers, Gina and Nella, my legendary Aunt Mariuccia and my mother, Patrizia.

The restaurant which I run with my wife Chiara aims to offer guests a balanced gastronomic experience with selected local products, a light tasty cuisine with a great deal of care and attention for detail. Our suggestions are local dishes of mountain tradition together with those I learnt to love as a boy, typical of the plain below the mountains. That doesn’t mean, however, that I do not occasionally look to the fine products our seas offer.

We favour fresh local products of excellence, such as the bread made by Eugenio Pol, aka “Vulaiga”, in Fobello, milk and butter from the alpine pastures, selected cheeses, trout, game, wild mushrooms, fruit and vegetables that are organic where possible.

My cooking therefore follows a philosophy which celebrates tradition in a modern key where the flavours of the seasons are very much to the forefront.” Restaurant typical high Valsesia Monterosa

Restaurant typical of high Valsesia Monterosa

Thinking always about mother  heart

Rassa Valsesia in the past, Varallo now and the future

Rassa in the province of Vercelli is home to the cultivation of rice, the local product par excellence. Rice, it is said, is born in water and dies in wine, a reference to the rice fields and risotto, a much loved local speciality rquiring the addition of wine, another fine specialty from the hills around Gattinara and Roasio. Good things that are never absent from the Hostaria di Bricai, the ideal place for a tasty meal, in summer or winter, after a great day’s skiing or sightseeing in the valley.

Restaurant typical high Valsesia Monterosa